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Safe Cats

The Humane Society of the United States Safe Cats™ campaign has a primary goal of convincing cat caregivers that there truly is no place like home for their cats. Safe Cats increases awareness about the threats cats face when allowed outdoors without supervision, shatters the myth that an indoor cat is an unhappy cat, and spreads the word that shelter professionals and veterinarians alike advocate against allowing pet cats to roam.

Most shelter staff believe in keeping cats indoors; this may create a real barrier when adopting cats into new families since prospective cat adopters may not agree with this philosophy. If your adoption policy is "indoors or forget it" or if you’re just looking to offer persuasive suggestions and information to adopters, Safe Cats provides ideas and materials that will work for you.

Safe Cats also alerts cat caregivers to the extremely low percentage of cats who are reunited with their families when they go astray, underscoring the need for all cats (indoors or out) to wear a collar and ID tag. Safe Cats shows caregivers how to keep cats happy and fit while keeping them safely protected by creating a feline-friendly home that meets all of a cat’s needs. Since we can all use some fresh air from time tot time, Safe Cats shows caregivers that cats can, indeed, enjoy a walk with a harness and leash. Downloadable campaign materials also provide examples of cat enclosures that allow cats to experience all the pleasures of the outdoors without any of the risks.

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