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Pet Help Partners Guide to
Creating a Pet Retention Program

The Pet Help Partners program helps keep pets and their people together. Our upcoming guide will help you create a similar pet retention program in your community.

Somewhere in your community there are people at the end of their rope, thinking about no longer keeping their pet. When life stresses pile up and a pet does something to push the limits, it can be a breaking point. Plus, pets don't come with instructions, and when people get pets they're not always prepared for it. Many are fortunate enough to know how to find help, making it easier to cope and navigate the road. But those who do not have access to that type of support are left to their own devices. Add job loss, eviction, or a sick child to a stressful situation with a pet, and it becomes easier to understand why some give up.

Our pet retention program, Pet Help Partners (PHP), provides a reliable support system and problem-solving resources to thousands of pet owners each year, who are facing these types of challenges. Our mission is simple: to help pets and people stay together.

Based on what was originally founded in 2005 as a shelter relinquishment intervention program in NYC, PHP is an expanded network of resources and services, provided via a comprehensive helpline. Designed to prevent broken human-animal bonds and pet homelessness, PHP has changed and grown over time, becoming a program of The HSUS in 2009, and since then keeping more than 12,000 pets in their homes.

Our helpline offers a menu of services and resources to clients. For some clients, providing support and validation, creative problem solving, and critical thought during a crisis makes the biggest difference of all. Click here for success stories

In other cases, referral to one of the dedicated service providers in our community network of partners is the best answer. PHP builds and maintains this network of people helping people, which includes veterinarians, boarding kennels, cat experts, dog trainers, and other professionals who offer their expertise and services at reduced or no cost to PHP clients. Click here for success stories

Most often it is a combination of approaches, which requires our helpline counselors to act as case workers and evaluate every situation with care. We operate with a solution-based approach to all of our clients’ needs, knowing from our experience that most people do not want to lose their pets and most pet related issues can be addressed with resourcefulness, the right tools, and a healthy dose of optimism.

Now, we are compiling the many valuable lessons we’ve learned over the years in a new resource. The Pet Help Partners Guide to Creating a Pet Retention Program tells the story of how we’ve expanded over time to better address companion animal challenges, keeping more pets in homes for life and preventing displacement and relinquishment – and how you can do the same. In it you will find information such as:

  • Why Pet Retention is Essential in Overcoming Pet Homelessness
  • How to Customize a Pet Retention Program for your Community
  • How to Build and Maintain Strong Partnerships
  • How to Create a Helpline
  • How to Find, Train, and Keep Volunteers
  • How to Reach and Effectively Assist Pet Owners

In 2012, our program helped over 3,500 pets and their families.

Click here to learn more about our Pet Help Partners program.

How can I create a similar program in my community?

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