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What is Pets for Life?

The Pets for Life (PFL) program reaches out to people in under-served communities to extend free pet care resources, services, and information. The PFL model incorporates strategic door-to-door outreach, builds a consistent community presence, and uses an extensive follow-up process. The HSUS operates direct care PFL programs in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles and provides mentorship and training to other organizations who want to incorporate community outreach into their work. Check out the videos below for an inside look at our direct and mentorship programs.

Direct Care Programs

More on HSUS direct care programs

Mentorship Program

The PFL philosophy focuses on humans along with their companion pets and creating a visible, consistent presence in the community. Through this approach, organizations can build strong relationships and trust within a segment of the pet-owning population that has largely gone untouched by animal service providers. Furthermore, by offering resources and information with respect and understanding, the human-animal bond is elevated, quality of life is improved, and ultimately, long-term, sustainable change is created.

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