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Innovative Spay/Neuter Messaging

Your organization can now get free customizable materials from The Humane Society of the United States' groundbreaking spay/neuter ad campaign. 

Launched in 2008 to increase spay/neuter rates in Louisiana and Mississippi, the campaign is based on extensive research into pet owners' attitudes and behaviors on the issue. The research demonstrated why past outreach efforts have failed to significantly address homelessness, and provided valuable lessons toward developing a new approach. For a full explanation of the research, read the report, Messaging Spay/Neuter Lessons from the Gulf Coast Spay/Neuter Campaign.

The ads highlight the numbers of shelter animals euthanized and compel owners of unaltered pets to consider how the personal decision of spaying or neutering their pet can make a difference. Materials prominently feature local, affordable spay/neuter services so that viewers can take immediate action.

Start Your Own Campaign!

The ads used in the Gulf Coast campaign were created by a renowned communications firm, are backed by the latest in spay/neuter research, and are available for use in your community. 

  1. Read Messaging Spay/Neuter: Lessons from the Gulf Coast Spay/Neuter Campaign to get the full explanation of the research.
  2. Check out the sample ads below. The campaign includes television ads, radio spots, billboards, posters, door hangers, postcards, newspaper ads, and a coupon mailer.
  3. Download the campaign materials in your preferred format. By downloading the materials you agree to the Spay/Neuter Materials License Agreement terms and conditions.
  4. Utilize this additional information:

Formats Available

  1. Powerpoint (.ppt) for broad applicability
  2. Adobe Illustrator for more technical users
  3. Adobe PDF (samples as a guide only)
  4. Professional customization

Note on Powerpoint:
Files consist of background art layer, with editable text fields (containing standard and dummy copy) on top. This copy is meant to be customized by the user.

Note for Illustrator users:
Original files were created in Illustrator CS4, but have been saved down to Illustrator version CS. Layers consist of a legal notice layer, background/art layer, live text layer and a "Visual Guide" layer. The visual guide represents the final product, and like the PDF, is not modified but serves as a reference for design/placement. Linked art, where applicable, is provided in the folder of same name.

Sample Ads

Television Ads 

A television ad may be obtained for the cost of direct processing fees to customize the ad for your community/state and organization and produce a beta tape for television stations. You will also receive a digital format to put on your website. The direct cost is $500 per ad. Each television ad is 30 seconds and may be run as a PSA depending on your relationship – new or existing – with local stations. To discuss the materials and the customization process further, please contact



"Under the Fence"

Radio Spots 

The script may not be modified beyond the customization to your organization and community. Have a DJ or other radio personnel read your customized script over the music. Contact local stations to read and/or air your PSA.

"Under the fence" 



Click the images below to view larger images.

PowerPoint (118 KB)
Illustrator (1.02 MB)
PDF (62 KB)

PowerPoint (432 KB)
Illustrator (1.64 MB)
PDF (1.52 MB)

PowerPoint (194 KB)
Illustrator (921 KB)
PDF (1.31 MB)

PowerPoint (2.46 MB)
Illustrator (2.20 MB)
PDF (1.97 MB)

PowerPoint (439 KB)
Illustrator (1.59 MB)
PDF (1.54 MB)

PowerPoint (5.01 MB)
Illustrator (19.29 MB)
PDF (3.53 MB)

PowerPoint 2.01 MB)
Illustrator (1.71 MB)
PDF (1.28 MB)

Posters (English and Spanish versions)

Click the images below to view larger images.

PowerPoint (753 KB)
Illustrator (2.13 MB)
PDF (80 KB)

PowerPoint (18.36 MB)
Illustrator (19.42 MB)
PDF (49 KB)

PowerPoint (1.08 MB)
Illustrator (2.13 MB)
PDF (132 KB)

PowerPoint (3.01 KB)
Illustrator (1.98 MB)
PDF (1.70 MB)

Door Hangers (English and Spanish versions)

Click the images below to view and print (the back and front of the door hanger are shown in the file).

PowerPoint (1.06 MB)
Illustrator - front (2.47 MB)   
Illustrator - back (812 KB)
PDF (4.81 MB) 

PowerPoint (3.28 MB)
Illustrator - front (3.97 MB)
Illustrator - back (1.22 MB)
PDF (3.09 MB)

Postcard (English and Spanish versions)

Click the image below to view and print (the back and front of the postcard are shown in the file).

PowerPoint (6"x4") (3.53 MB)
PowerPoint (8"x6") (607 KB)
Illustrator (6"x4") - front (13.50 MB)
Illustrator (6"x4") - back (549 KB)
Illustrator (8"x6") - front (15.26 MB)
Illustrator (8"x6") - back (740 KB)
PDF (1.94 MB)

PowerPoint (6"x4") (4.10 MB)
PowerPoint (8"x6") (5.44 MB)
Illustrator (6"x4") - front (13.51 MB)
Illustrator (6"x4") - back (549 KB)
Illustrator (8"x6") - front (15.26 MB)
Illustrator (8"x6") - back (740 KB)
PDF (180 KB)


Click the images below to view and print.

PowerPoint (225 KB)
Illustrator  (10.45 MB)   
PDF (263 KB) 

PowerPoint (225 KB)
Illustrator (504KB)
PDF (54 KB)

 Coupon Mailer

Click the image below to view and print.

PowerPoint  (2.54 MB)
Illustrator (10.61 MB)
PDF (91 KB)

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