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Implementation in Your Community

Once your materials are complete, contact local newspapers, "trader" publications and coupon mailer packs to request free or discounted placement of your ads. Consider contacting outdoor advertising companies and transit companies regarding billboard and other outdoor placements, such as park benches and bus stop advertisements. The billboards may also be used as posters, banners, bench ads—the sky's the limit.

Work with your animal control agency to determine which zip codes generate the most intake – especially of puppies, kittens and unaltered dogs and cats—and focus outreach in those areas. Partner with animal control to distribute the doorhangers—afterall, they are most aware of areas of greatest need in the community. Be sure to include veterinarians so they are aware of the statistics, involved in the campaign and can communicate the need and programs available.

Seek out owners of unaltered pets by leafleting at pet supply stores, pet-related events like rabies clinics, blessing of the animals church events, and doing grassroots outreach.

Please note that two postcard formats are provided. One meets USPS guidelines and may be used for targeted mailings. The other postcard is intended as a handout at events, neighborhood canvassing or used as a flier to distribute. Combined with the doorhanger and posters, these materials support grassroots outreach efforts. As mentioned earlier, there is room at the bottom of the doorhanger and handout postcard to place a sticker with clinic pricing or special information.

Track response. Monitor calls you receive and ask how individuals learned about your program. Concentrate efforts to effective avenues while continually seeking new ways to reach owners of unaltered pets.

As they say – the best referral comes from satisfied customers – send clients home with postcards they can share with neighbors, friends and coworkers. Use the findings from this research to assure your facility, website and staff/volunteer appearance inspires trust. This research reminds us that people love and care for their pets and want to know they’ll be well cared for in your hands. A spirit of respect will serve everyone well: the owner, your efforts and most of all – the animals.

Thank you for all that you do to reduce animal overpopulation in your community.

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