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Modifying the Files

Using the PDF version as a guide, insert your logo, phone number and contact information, and statistics.

  1. Have a team of at least two proofreaders.
    Make sure your tenses match i.e. if only one shelter is in your county and you are using county statistics, you must change the reverse side of the doorhanger to read: In County X, Y homeless pets enter our shelter [from enter shelters] each year.
  2. Avoid adding additional messages to the files.
    These ads have been skillfully crafted to deliver the top rated message that owners of unaltered pets found compelling. Adding words or different messages, e.g. health benefits of spay/neuter, will only reduce the efficacy of the materials. There is room for adding information, such as clinic pricing, at the bottom of the doorhanger and handout postcard.
  3. A note about fonts:
    You may use any font. If you want to match the PDFs, you must purchase fonts – details below. If not, please use the fonts shown in the templates, "Trebuchet" and "Impact". Casual or decorative fonts such as "Comic" are inconsistent with the message and will detract from the impact of the ads.
    Purchasing Fonts: If you wish to directly mirror the PDF samples, you must purchase specialized fonts, which are not necessary but possible through sites such as The original products use the font "Nidex" for the headline, and "Frutiger" for the sub-headlines/copy. We cannot legally distribute these fonts.

Once your ads are complete, save some as JPEGs or other formats to upload to your website and social networking pages, such as facebook. Once you have completed the modification, contact printers to have the posters, postcards & doorhangers printed and/or cut. You may also print some of the materials on your desktop printer on regular 8.5" x 11" copy paper.

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