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The Use of Statistics in this Message Campaign

This process will require you to know and publish local, regional, or statewide statistics for shelter intake and euthanasia. National statistics and estimates are NOT recommended – our research clearly demonstrated that a personal connection to the individual pet owner must be made for this message to be effective. This is best achieved by more relevant statistics.

If you do not have statewide statistics, consider using county or regional statistics. To obtain such statistics, we recommend developing a working group made up of rescues and shelters. This should be a cooperative, collaborative effort motivated by the greater good that will come from having reliable and actionable intake and euthanasia numbers for the animal overpopulation in your community. Start your working group by sharing the research project and background of this campaign—view a printable report.

Note: This is not intended to highlight the euthanasia at a single agency and misdirect attention to single agency issues. Rather, the goal of this campaign is to increase spay and neuter decisions, raise awareness, and reduce shelter intake and euthanasia. Working together to promote spay and neuter we can accomplish shared goals. Euthanasia is a community problem that requires community solutions.

Once your working group is established, use a standard form to collect and track the animal overpopulation situation. Use a uniform data tracking system like the Asilomar Accords form – which allows for the combination of multiple groups that may transfer animals among one another. Be mindful to collect statistics on the number of puppies, kittens and unaltered animals entering the sheltering system and plan on monitoring these figures for several years. To read and download Asilomar Accords information, please visit the Asilomar Accords website.

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