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Photo by Susan Guzy

Increase Adoptions

While we work hard to drive people to adopt, the majority of pets still come from other sources. We’re giving shelters and rescue groups the tools they need to attract more pet adopters, find new audiences for pet adoptions and create successful adoption experiences. Through welcoming adopters, we aim to find every homeless pet a happy, healthy new home.

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Sleep on It

Slumber parties lead to successful adoptions

Animal Sheltering magazine September/October 2015

Not all potential adopters arrive at our shelter feeling 100-percent certain that an animal who caught their eye online will be a good fit for their family. Some are concerned that a new dog or cat won’t get along with their other pets; others worry that someone in their household might be allergic.

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  • Blog Post

    Approaching Adoptions from a Fresh Perspective

    Shelter Pet Project - Keyboard Cat

    What do social media pet stars Toast Meets World, Keyboard Cat and Hamilton Pug have in common? They’re the latest Internet phenoms featured in the new round of public service announcements (PSAs) from The Shelter Pet Project.

    Partnering with Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council, The HSUS helped launch The Shelter Pet Project as the first national PSA campaign created to bring together animal welfare organizations across the country for one unified goal: to increase pet adoption.

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  • Blog Post

    Welcome to the New Animal Sheltering Online!

    We have the power to change our communities

    For decades, The HSUS and Animal Sheltering have worked hard to bring you the latest information, newest approaches, best practices and more from our field. With the launch of our newly improved site,, we’re thrilled to share a number of new features to help you in your quest to save lives and keep pets with their families. 

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  • Magazine Article

    Cooped-Up Pooches? Loan 'Em Out!

    The Dog Trotter program helps keep the Delaware County SPCA’s canines well-exercised.

    A temporary buddy for your sheltered pooches can help them burn off energy—and even get adopted

    I t’s a fact: A socialized and well-exercised shelter dog is happier, easier to care for and more likely to win favor with visitors. But keeping all those dogs fit, busy and happy is a challenge.

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  • Magazine Article

    The Road Home Goes Through the Office

    Office cat Callie likes to make sure employees at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) get plenty of breaks—by sitting on their keyboards so they can’t type. Besides having its own office cats, ARL places adoptable cats at local businesses.

    Shelters invite businesses to foster cats and promote adoptions

    These workers don’t need a salary— they’ll work (or at least hang out) for room and board. They won’t wear a tie (probably), but they are more than happy to spend nights and weekends at the office.

    If this sounds like a good deal, direct an inquiry to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL). The shelter is hiring out its felines to fill temporary jobs as “office cats” until they find permanent positions.

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  • Magazine Article

    Sharing Stories, Saving Lives

    When puppy Bali needed lifesaving surgery, donors gave more than $20,000, far exceeding her veterinary costs.

    Raising funds and finding homes to help special-needs pets

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  • Magazine Article

    Forget the Fairy Tale

    Lowering your drawbridge will help more adopters and animals live happily ever after

    Almost two years ago, I set out to adopt a Chihuahua from a rescue group that prides itself on finding “carefully screened forever homes.”

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