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Animal Care Attendant

Lifeline Animal Project

Kennel Assistant Job Description. Must have reasonable degree of agility to move through tightly cramped areas in. Must be able to work in potentially extreme environmental temperatures. Must have acceptable sense of balance. Must be able to work and reach on hands and knees. Must possess excellent hand-eye coordination. Must possess an acceptable degree of dexterity in hands and fingers. Emotional/Mental Requirements: Must be able to work under stressful conditions and work efficiently and effectively under those conditions. Able to respond quickly to a variety of medical situations (with training). Ability to rapidly and accurately process information. Ability to recognize a need for assistance and ask for help. Ability to control instinct. Ability to make decisions.

Contact Information Justin Sparks Doghouse Manager 129 Lake St.Avondale Estates, GA 30002 404-292-8800

Closing Date: September 1, 2014

Posted: August 2, 2014

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