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Keep Pets in Homes

Many animals surrendered to shelters are given up due to solvable behavior issues or lack of housing. We're eliminating housing barriers in communities across the country with Pets are Welcome, raising the standard from “pet-friendly” to an all-inclusive approach to renting with pets. We’re elevating the level of cat behavior expertise in our field to keep more cats in homes and making pet care, behavior and wellness resources and information more accessible to pet owners and potential adopters.

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No Place Like Home

Advocates use prevention strategies and fair housing laws to keep owners and pets together

Animal Sheltering magazine May/June 2014

Maria Cruz and her roommate, Xina, had happily shared their New York City apartment for more than three years when, one day, Cruz received a letter from building management. In the envelope was her uncashed October rent check, and a letter stating that she had 10 days to get rid of Xina—her 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier—or both of them would be evicted.

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    Every Animal Deserves Access to Veterinary Care

    Ms. Smith’s beloved pet Rich, just 10 months after treatment for mange.

    Hear from Inga Fricke on the attack on nonprofit veterinary service providers

    Meet Rich: he’s a playful, loving boy who has been Ms. Smith’s beloved pet for more than 10 years. Rich contracted mange and Ms. Smith didn’t know how to help him. She called around to many private veterinarians, but with a limited income she couldn’t afford even the office visits.  After none of the home remedies she knew were working and his condition was worsening, she finally made the heartbreaking decision to surrender Rich to Charleston Animal Society (CAS) in the hopes that someone with greater financial means could help him.

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  • Blog Post

    Welcome to the New Animal Sheltering Online!

    We have the power to change our communities

    For decades, The HSUS and Animal Sheltering have worked hard to bring you the latest information, newest approaches, best practices and more from our field. With the launch of our newly improved site,, we’re thrilled to share a number of new features to help you in your quest to save lives and keep pets with their families. 

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    Winter Warm-Up

    Volunteers for the Houses of Wood and Straw (HOWS) Project in Virginia go out every Saturday from late October through March to deliver doghouses and talk to owners about winter pet care.

    Shelters and rescue groups give people resources to help animals beat the cold

    “There’s not going to be a cat who doesn’t have some kind of shelter for the winter.”

    It’s a bold statement from Indianapolis animal advocate Lisa Tudor, but that’s how widespread efforts have become in her area to keep community cats warm, she says.

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    Home Is Where Your Pets Are Welcome

    Mary Jane Kiro combats her nerve disorder by taking Bandit, her 127-pound shepherd-husky mix, on frequent walks, but she had trouble finding a property that would let her keep her dog.

    An HSUS campaign pushes for less restrictive pet policies in rental housing

    "Pets Are Welcome" seeks to revamp the way the housing industry treats pets and their owners.

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    Animal Sheltering magazine

    Mouthpieces is a department from Animal Sheltering magazine designed to help you communicate your messages to the public.

    Mouthpieces is a department from Animal Sheltering magazine designed to help you communicate your messages to the public.

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    Ensure Access to Veterinary Care

    Kalamurza Iryna/iStockphoto

    Every pet deserves access to veterinary care, regardless of circumstance

    With millions of pets living in poverty and millions more living with owners struggling to make ends meet, it is alarming that in some places efforts are underway to shut down non-profit organizations and deny wellness care for millions of pets.

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