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Mouthpieces is a department from Animal Sheltering magazine designed to help you communicate your messages to the public.

We run pieces that you can use; just click to download and then add your organization's contact information and hang them in your lobby or hand them out at the front desk.

New: We're opening the Mouthpieces department to submissions! So many shelters and rescues have produced fantastic public service announcements. If you've created one you'd like to share so that other groups can use it, please submit it to us. We’ll print some of the best ones in the magazine.

The small print: Submitted PSAs can retain your organizational branding, but must have space for other groups to add their contact info so that they’ll be able to use the PSAs in their own communities.

The technical stuff: Our preferred file format is PDF/X-1a:2001 with crop marks at least .125 inches from artwork. Accepted alternate file formats are QuarkXPress, InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop. If an ad is submitted in a format other than PDF, graphics and fonts must be included — images must be CMYK and 300 dpi. Line art must be at least 600 dpi. The dimensions must be (or must be adjustable to) full page including bleed: 8.375 inches by 10.75 inches; live area/non bleed: 7.125 inches by 9.5 inches.

To submit a PSA for use in Mouthpieces, please contact us at

November-December 2015: 
The Gift That Keeps on Licking
(PDF 7.58MB)
Nov/Dec 2015 Mouthpieces
September-October 2015: 
Volunteers are in Great Company
(PDF 1.71MB)
Sep/Oct 2015 Mouthpieces
July-August 2015: 
Finding Felix
(PDF 1.42MB)
Jul/Aug 2015 MouthPieces
May-June 2015: 
Relationships Take Work
(PDF 1.69MB)
May/Jun 2015 Mouthpieces
March-April 2015: 
We're Winning the Battle Against Animal Homelessness
(PDF 5.88MB)
Mar/Apr 2015 Mouthpieces
January-February 2015: 
If You Feed ... Don't Let Them Breed (version 1) Organizations with resources to offer to help spay/neuter community cats can use this version. Just add your logo and contact information via Photoshop or with a simple sticker after printing.
(PDF 6.23MB)
Jan/Feb 2015 MouthPieces
January-February 2015:
If You Feed ... Don't Let Them Breed (version 2) Organizations with no resources to offer, but that still want to empower people in their communities to find affordable spay/neuter for community cats, can use this version, which refers people to The HSUS’s spay/neuter and community cat resources.
(PDF 6.40MB)
Jan/Feb 2015 MouthPieces
November-December 2014: 
Do a good scan, Stan!
(PDF 591KB)
Nov/Dec 2014 Mouthpieces
September-October 2014: 
My humans never imagined
(PDF 2.07MB)
Sep/Oct 2014 MouthPieces
July-August 2014: 
One Sick Puppy
(PDF 5.08MB)
Jul/Aug 2014 Mouthpieces
May-June 2014: 
And the Rockets' Red Glare
(PDF 2.91MB)
May/Jun 2014 Mouthpieces
March-April 2014: 
Fraidy Cats Need Love, Too!
(PDF 1.40MB)
Mar/Apr 2014 Mouthpieces
January-February 2014: 
woulda, coulda, shoulda...
(PDF 2.75MB)
Jan/Feb 2014 Mouthpieces
November-December 2013:
Why Does My Cat Do That?!?
(PDF 5.07MB)
Why does my cat do that?!?
September-October 2013:
Don't Leave Pets in Hot Cars
(PDF 1.98MB)
Dog in hot car
July-August 2013:
Rescue You
(PDF 3.34MB)
Mouthpieces: Rescue You
May-June 2013:
Too Much of a Good Thing
(PDF 2.02MB)
Poster about the importance of kitten spay/neuter
March-April 2013:
An Easter Bunny Will Still Need You at Halloween
(PDF 1.85MB)
Mouthpieces Easter Bunny at Halloween
January-February 2013:
Your Dog Belongs at the Foot of Your Bed, Not in the Bed of Your Truck
(PDF 6.68MB)
Mouthpieces on Pickup Safety for Dogs
November-December 2012:
Stereotypes are the Pits
(PDF 178.39KB)
September-October 2012:
Help Your Queen of the Jungle Discover the Great Indoors
(PDF 870.22KB)
July-August 2012:
Your Smile Could Save a Life
(PDF 191.43KB)
May-June 2012:
Adopters Are Our Heroes
(PDF 2.68MB)
Animal Sheltering magazine Mouthpieces May/June 2012
March-April 2012:
Are You Sure About This?
(PDF 2.16MB)
January-February 2012:
Baby, It's Cold Outside
(PDF 198.86KB)
November-December 2011:
It Takes All Kinds
(PDF 985.23KB)
September-October 2011:
The Only Command He Knows Is Stay
(PDF 2.26MB)
July-August 2011:
Declawing: It's Not Like a Trip to the Spa
(PDF 304.26KB)
May-June 2011:
Don't Slip With Your Chip
(PDF 236.44KB)
March-April 2011:
People Aren't The Only Ones Who Get the Sniffles and Sneezes
(PDF 58.49KB)
January-February 2011:
Some Traditions are Made to Be Broken
(PDF 216.89KB)
November-December 2010:
Who's More Likely to Succeed?
(PDF 200.53KB)
September-October 2010:
You Can't Predict the Future—But You Can Be Ready for It
(PDF 283.08KB)
July-August 2010:
Love Your Cat? Then Tag Your Cat!
(PDF 263.07KB)
May-June 2010:
Spay/Neuter Campaign Materials
(PDF 113.86KB)
March-April 2010:
Hey, You! Yeah, I'm Talking to You.
(PDF 203.79KB)
January-February 2010:
It Takes a Long Time to Get This Sweet
(PDF 213.23KB)
November-December 2009:
Why are the Kitties Sneezing?
(PDF 340.62KB)
September-October 2009:
Whose Cat is That?
(PDF 410.50KB)
July-August 2009:
Take a Closer Look at That Doggie in the Window
(PDF 286.70KB)

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