rescue. reunite. rehome. rethink.
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Unforgettable is the Animal Sheltering magazine department showcasing powerful images from our readers of animals in their care.

Readers are invited to submit their own photos and stories for publication. Please make your submission via our online form.

November-December 2015:
She Longed to Be ... Part of Their World
sibling cats reunited
September-October 2015:
Moose Goes Backstage
July-August 2015:
Snuggles for Ruggles
May-June 2015:
A Mop With a Soul Inside
March-April 2015:
Boots' Camp
January-February 2015:
A Trip for the Old Block
Jan/Feb 2015 Unforgettable
November-December 2014:
Carlisle Phone Home
September-October 2014:
This Story's Got Legs
July-August 2014:
A Girl Named Fred
July/August 2014 Unforgettable
May-June 2014:
A Home for the Blues
March-April 2014:
Hail Cesar (and Gris)
March/April 2014 Unforgettable
January-February 2014:
I Saved Her—and She Saved Me
pit bull type dog
November-December 2013:
Consider Yourself...One of the Family
Nov/Dec 2013 Unforgettable
September-October 2013:
From Puppy Mill Hell to Doing Quite Well
Former puppy mill dog with her puppies
July-August 2013:
A Rabbit Comes Home to Roost(er)
Scanley the rescue rabbit
May-June 2013:
Autumn's Spring
March-April 2013:
Big Daddy's Big Family
Memories of a beloved pit bull
January-February 2013:
Frankie Goes to Florida
Rescue dog from Vietnam
November-December 2012:
Get Out Your Hank-Kerchiefs
Heroic Great Dane
September-October 2012:
Speeding Up an Adoption
A shiny red convertible helps a dog get adopted
July-August 2012:
A Tale of Two Kitties
May-June 2012:
March-April 2012:
January-February 2012:

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