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Animal Sheltering Magazine Archives

2016 Issues

2015 Issues

  • Animal Sheltering magazine November/December 2015

    November/December 2015

    There's a seemingly never-ending amount of work to be done to help animals, but take heart: The stories in this issue of Animal Sheltering magazine show there are a myriad of ways for people to make a difference.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine September/October 2015

    September/October 2015

    Working in the sheltering and rescue world, your focus is, of course, the animals. But you can't make a big difference in the lives of animals if you don't have the attention and support of your community.

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  • Shannon Johnstone

    July/August 2015

    It's often said that "change is life," and although people aren't necessarily talking about Felix or Fido, this issue of Animal Sheltering magazine illustrats how important - and literally lifesaving - change can be for shelter animals. From transporting pups over state lines, to sourcing volunteers from college campuses, to adding canine playgroups to your daily enrichment program, you'll find ideas for changing it up throughout this issue.

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  • Kathy Milani/The HSUS

    May/June 2015

    Maybe you skipped business school, and you find the Dow Jones Industrial Average a lot less interesting than feeding community cats or securing a new home for the chow-terrier you're fostering. But if you're involved in animal rescue, you are a business professional - one whose profession includes increasing adoptions, reducing euthanasia and spreading the gospel of spay/neuter. Businesses pride themselves on changing with the times, and elsewhere in this issue of Animal Sheltering magazine we spotlight innovative ways of doing things that can help you save more animals.

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  • Animal Sheltering magazine March/April 2015

    March/April 2015

    Our main feature this issue of Animal Sheltering magazine marks the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In late March 2015, animal care professionals and volunteers from around the world gathered in New Orleans for Animal Care Expo, the annual conference sponsored by The HSUS to inform and inspire people who work to save animals. And just like Expo, this issue offers a variety of content that aims to give you a fresh perspective on animal welfare issues to help you do your lifesaving work even more effectively.

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  • Animal Sheltering magazine January/February 2015

    January/February 2015

    It's the time of year when people traditionally pledge to make some improvements in their lives - to land that new job or lose those stubborn 10 pounds. Shelters and rescues can hop on the New Year's resolution bandwagon, too, and this issue of Animal Sheltering magazine is chock-full of articles that can help you guide more dogs and cats into loving homes.

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2014 Issues

  • Animal Sheltering Magazine November/December 2014

    November/December 2014

    In this issue: Expert advice from shelter design architects, using the power of the meme to advertise adoptable animals, early socialization through "kitty kindergarten," boosting online donations with crowdfunding, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine September/October 2014

    September/October 2014

    In this issue: Harnessing the power of your workers' suggestions, one man's mission to ensure humane euthanasia, disaster planning for rescue groups, how to cope during an infectious disease outbreak, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine July/August 2014

    July/August 2014

    In this issue: The increasing number of reptiles in shelters, collaboration between animal control and the sheriff's department, changes in the horse-drawn carriage industry, finding homes for high-energy dogs, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine May/June 2014

    May/June 2014

    In this issue: Overcoming housing issues to keep pets with their families, how a piglet named Zelda got one shelter to rethink its menus, the world of animal cruelty law, vaccination myths & facts, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine March/April 2014

    March/April 2014

    In this issue: Cracking down on puppy mills, boosting small animal adoption rates, adding cats to a single-cat household, a door-to-door approach to animal control, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine January/February 2014

    January/February 2014

    In this issue: How months of preparation come together to shut down a puppy mill, convincing a rural community to support TNR, how good PR can help boost adoption of pets lingering in the shelter, and more.

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2013 Issues

  • Animal Sheltering Magazine November/December 2013

    November/December 2013

    In this issue: Featuring the challenges of doing a feral cat trap-neuter-return in a rural community, a guide to dog-to-dog introductions, Q & A with the new ASPCA president, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine September/October 2013

    September/October 2013

    In this issue: A former ACO turned shelter veteriarian has a startling message, many shelters are waiving adoption fees to help cats, improving your organization with customer-smart skills, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine July/August 2013

    July/August 2013

    In this issue: Examining the crisis of pet parrots, keeping wild rodents out of your shelter, a Denver-based animal welfare alliance has live-release rates on the rise, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering magazine May/June 2013

    May/June 2013

    In this issue: Easing the burden of cruelty cases through legislation, managing diarrhea in the shelter environment, creating a friendlier adoption process, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering magazine March/April 2013

    March/April 2013

    In this issue: Reaching underserved communities, the problems with breed-specific legislation, celebrating a remarkable turnaround in San Antonio, and more.

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  • Animal Sheltering Magazine January/February 2013

    January/February 2013

    In this issue: Hosting a feral colony on shelter property, providing veterinary care for ferals during TNR, taking on a hoarding case without breaking the bank, and more.

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2012 Issues

  • Animal Sheltering Magazine November/December 2012

    November/December 2012

    In this issue: Finding homes for older cats, managing stress and compassion fatigue in animal welfare work, direct mail strategies that get results, and more.

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