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Animal Sheltering magazine

A magazine for anyone who cares about the health and happiness of animals and people in their community, Animal Sheltering goes beyond the four walls of shelters and rescues to look at the broader picture of the state of pets in the U.S. We cover stories that inform and entertain, empowering and inspiring you in your daily work. From those working to save more animals’ lives at the shelter to those helping prevent pets from being there in the first place, we’re covering the people and organizations that are making a difference. Read us, share with us, talk to us. Together, we’re changing the story.

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  • President's Note

    Moving Animals—in the Right Direction

    The long-distance transport of rescued animals—from state to state and even from far-away countries—has long given animals in trouble a second chance. The gale-force winds of Hurricane Katrina and the massive rescue work it inspired produced a nationwide diaspora of Gulf Coast animals. The shelters in Louisiana and Mississippi were either submerged or full, and long-distance transport was the only way to save lives.

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  • 101 Department

    Forget the Fairy Tale

    Lowering your drawbridge will help more adopters and animals live happily ever after

    Almost two years ago, I set out to adopt a Chihuahua from a rescue group that prides itself on finding “carefully screened forever homes.”

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  • Rescue Central

    Rethinking Returns

    Repurposing a shelter management tool to control the flow of animals who come back

    It’s a scenario longtime rescuers have nightmares about, and yet we rarely see it coming: One day, seemingly out of the blue, you get the email message: “URGENT! I need to return Fido to you this weekend!”

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  • Shelter Medicine

    Making the Shelter a Happier Place for Animals

    Practical tips on how to help the animals in your care feel good

    Read the first of Dr. Griffin’s columns on emotional wellness in the Sep-Oct 2015 issue of Animal Sheltering.

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  • Unforgettable

    Marvelous Mervin

    Toothless Mervin gets thousands of "likes" on Instagram and even more love from his family.

    The first time I saw Mervin, he was burrowed under a blanket with just his little head sticking out, barking (or yelling, as I like to call it), at nothing in particular. He clearly had a lot to say. I could feel that there was something special about this little guy.

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  • Magazine Article

    Body Doubles

    At the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, shy cats can relax while their photo cutouts charm potential adopters.

    Photo cutouts make connections for cats who aren't crowd-pleasers

    July/August 2015

    Mazzie didn’t perform for strangers.

    The longhaired brown tabby had been at the Massachusetts SPCA (MSPCA) at Nevins Farm for two months, and she’d been pulled off the adoption floor twice for nipping people. Her Petfinder profile had generated only one inquiry (from someone who didn’t read the part about her dislike of other cats).

    “We’d had no success with her,” says shelter director Michael Keiley, adding that Mazzie is declawed on her front and hind feet. “When she gets grumpy, she moves quickly to nipping.”

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  • Magazine Article

    Cats and Community Coffers

    Community cats are thriving in Port Orange, Fla., thanks to a city-supported trap-neuter-return program.

    The right approach can make local governments allies—rather than enemies or indifferent bystanders—to TNR programs

    July/August 2015

    Eight core volunteers run Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare (CCFAW), a Daytona Beach, Fla., nonprofit formed in 2000 to promote and fund spay/neuter for pets in Volusia County. Over the years, some of the group’s volunteers have also worked outside the organization to trap and sterilize community cats. So when the city of Port Orange Police Department asked for help solving a “cat problem” at an elementary school, CCFAW had the experience to offer a humane solution.

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  • Magazine Article

    Acts of Providence

    At a community event in Providence, vet tech Kym Libucha comforts a local pooch getting a vaccination from veterinarian.

    Through the Pets for Life approach, a Rhode Island shelter brings warmth to the streets

    July/August 2015

    It was clear to executive director Carmine DiCenso that the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL) had lost its way.

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  • Magazine Article

    Fostering Hope

    An inspiring look at a practice that helps shelters and rescues save more lives. Could you be a foster hero?

    July/August 2015

    For weeks, the small bull terrier mix waited in the shelter, her face obscured by a plastic cone. May had come to the Washington Humane Society in early November, after college students in a D.C. group house could no longer care for her. The last one to move out dropped her off at the shelter. Being in a kennel made her anxious. She rubbed her ears raw, and they became infected. She chewed her tail.

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  • Magazine Article

    All Dogs Are Equal

    Ever since she was forced to move because of her dog’s looks, Katie Barnett (shown here with Katrina) has been working to end breed-specific legislation.

    In the debate over breed discrimination, common sense and science are unraveling decades of misinformation and bad policies

    July/August 2015

    By the time Katie Barnett arrived on the scene, her future dog had already gone through a lot in her short life. The tan-and-cream terrier was found stranded atop a tin roof shed in New Orleans’ flooded 9th Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Rescuers took her to an emergency animal shelter in Tylertown, Miss., where she lived amidst the chaos of makeshift kennels, rotating volunteers and nightly deliveries of more displaced animals.

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  • Magazine Article


    Part of a managed colony in Damascus, Md., this feral cat was trapped and vetted through the volunteer-run Metro Ferals TNR program.

    A round-up of fun, inspiring news tidbits from the animal welfare world.

    July/August 2015

    Calculating Cats: How can we best manage populations of free-roaming cats?

    Live to Play, Play to Live: The photos show groups of dogs at their kooky finest—tongues lolling, paws flying, ears flopping and noses nuzzling.

    Something in the Air: With the tap of an app, a puppy strapped to a drone sails over cityscapes and suburban lawns into the sunset; within a day, the drone gently drops the fluffy bundle of joy into the arms of her new family.

    Not-So-Crazy Ladies: Eartha Kitt. Michelle Pfeiffer. Anne Hathaway. Many leading ladies have taken a turn as the uber-sexy Catwoman.

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