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Rescue Group Best Practices: Organizational Standards

Rescue organizations should be run just like any other business. With a solid foundation in place, you will have more support to grow your rescue group, allowing you to bring in more animals and save more lives. The following standards will help you put your rescue organization on the right track.

  • Creating Your Mission and Vision is your first step if you are thinking about starting a new rescue group.
  • Incorporating and Applying for 501(C)(3) Tax-Exempt Status explains why and how you should incorporate as a business in your state to show the world that your rescue group is a legitimate business venture and that you are treating it as such.
  • Forming Your Team provides information on the necessary layers of support to build a full team and includes a basic template in building your group's staff.
  • Obtaining Insurance outlines different types of insurance to consider to protect your organization, staff, and volunteers.
  • Creating a Budget and Business Plan will help you think about building a sustainable future for your group by outlining your missions, forecasting budgets, making priorities and setting strategic goals.
  • Funding Your Organization provides an overview of types of funds to have and creating a development plan.
  • Implementing a Culture of Respect discusses working in collaboration with other organizations that have a common goal, making sure staff take care of themselves to prevent compassion fatigue and providing good customer service during every interaction.