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  • Declawing Cats: Far Worse Than a Manicure

    An article for the public on why declawing can be harmful to cats.

  • Tools for Humane Discourse Within the Animal Welfare Community

    This toolkit is designed to encourage collaboration and cooperation among members of the animal welfare community.

  • Microchipping and Scanning Companion Animals

    This free, one-hour, online course from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is designed for staff at companion animal veterinary clinics and animal shelter organizations in the United States.

  • Rabies Vaccine Recall: Rabvac 3 TF Serial 873113A

    A recent test indicated an issue with the duration of protection for the vaccine Rabvac 3 TF Serial 873113A.

  • Ethical Concerns Related to the Transfer of Animals to Veterinary Schools

    The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association addresses ethical concerns about the transfer of live and euthanized shelter animals to veterinary and veterinary technician schools.

  • Humane Alliance's Big Fix Rig

    The Big Fix Rig's presence in the Gulf Coast region will allow groups in both states to offer low-to-no-cost spay/neuter surgeries to residents and feral cat caregivers through the Humane Alliance's high-volume spay and neuter system.

  • Dumb Friends League Targeted Cat Adoption Video

    A video from the Dumb Friends League promoting cats as great pets.


    That pooch in the pet-store window may be may alluring but buyer beware: you may be supporting a puppy mill.

  • A Dog's Life: Chaining and Your Community

    Download a free copy of "A Dog's Life: Chaining and Your Community"'a comprehensive, step-by-step guide from The Humane Society of the United States on how to pass an anti-chaining ordinance in your area.

  • Canine Influenza: Now What?

    Along with a handful of hurricanes, last summer brought headlines of a new canine respiratory infection spreading inexorably across the nation. First seen among greyhounds, canine influenza has now been documented at shelters, boarding kennels, and within the general pet population in many states. Inevitably, shelters are fielding questions from within their own ranks and from the public, and whether or not this disease has struck in your community, it's one we all need to know about.

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