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  • July 1, 1999

    How to Care for Guinea Pigs

    Like rabbits, ferrets, and other small domesticated mammals, guinea pigs require an environment and treatment distinct from dogs and cats.

  • May 1, 1999

    How to Care for Ferrets

    Ferrets were once an uncommon sight in most animal shelters, but now many facilities have a separate cage or two set aside for these sociable creatures. Still, many animal care workers are unaware of the special needs of these domesticated weasels. 

  • March 1, 1999

    How to Walk a Shelter Dog

    Every time you take a dog for a stroll, you're teaching him how to respond to his caretakers and his environment. If you can spend a few moments teaching an unruly, overanxious dog how to behave, you'll not only make future walks go more smoothly but also increase that dog's chances of finding a lifelong home.

  • January 1, 1999

    How to Care for Domestic Rabbits

    Rabbits may be easy to love, but they're not quite as easy to care for. To learn about providing temporary care for these adorable creatures in your facility, check out books and websites on rabbit care. This quick set of reminders will give you the basics.

  • September 1, 1998

    How to Trim a Dog's Nails

    Although dogs are less likely than cats to injure someone with their claws, timely nail trimmings help ensure that a dog can walk without pain or discomfort.

  • May 1, 1998

    How to Trim a Cat's Claws

    Trimming a cat's claws every few weeks is a vital part of maintaining the animal's hygiene.

  • March 1, 1998

    How to Temporarily House Wild Mammals

    Any injured or orphaned wild animal who comes into your shelter's care is highly stressed -- after all, her life in the wild was just turned upside down.

  • November 1, 1997

    How to Vaccinate a Cat

    Because cats entering your shelter will be exposed to many other cats and airborne viruses, they depend on you to protect them from disease. And vaccines are among your best tools to do the job.

  • May 1, 1997

    How to Clean a Cat Cage

    A clean cage will minimize the spread of diseaseand will reflect the level of care that your shelter provides each animal. An improperlydisinfected cage invites health problems in cats and may even increase the animals' stress level.

  • May 1, 1997

    How to Clean a Dog Kennel

    Do it correctly and you ensure your canine residents a healthier, less stressful stay. But do it incorrectly and you essentially put out a welcome mat for all the germs and bacteria that can make life miserable for the dogs.

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