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The number of shelter transfer programs is rising every day as communities look for ways to reduce euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets. Learn tips to develop a well-planned program that runs smoothly and minimizes the risk of transporting sick animals.

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  • Have Leash, Will Travel

    Find out how transport programs can benefit both the source and destination shelters, while saving lives and giving adopters an array of lifestyle-perfect options.

  • Long Flight to Freedom

    Cross-country rescue highlights the plight of factory farm hens.

  • The Great Pet Migration

    Rescue groups partner up to do transport right

  • Helping Hounds

    In some areas of the country, animal shelters take in more stray hunting hounds than pit bulls. Often undernourished and unsocialized, hunting dogs pose unique challenges for shelters. Here are some tips for meeting their needs and getting them into happy homes.

  • People Power: On the Right Track

    The president of a Florida group that finds homes for retired racing dogs discusses the challenges and rewards of helping move hundreds of greyhounds into loving homes each year.

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Policies & Programs


  • ASPCA Pro - Creating a Distribution Network for Shelter Animals

    The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, a public-private partnership between the City of New York and over 140 shelter and rescue groups, created a transfer program to help Animal Care & Control (AC&C) get their animals face-to-face with as many potential adopters as possible.

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