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"Can't we all just get along?" is a question routinely asked in times of turmoil and the sheltering industry certainly has its share of turmoil. Learn why threatening and attacking opponents does little to further our cause, and hurts what we love most of all-the animals, in the end.

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  • Surviving a Sea Change

    Twenty-odd years after the publication of Ed Duvin’s “In the Name of Mercy,” an essay often credited for sparking the no-kill movement, animal welfare leaders reflect on how the field has changed—and changed them.

  • Bringing Cat and Bird Advocates to the Table

    A scientific conference promotes understanding between cat supporters and wildlife advocates, and addresses the challenges of resolving conflicts involving cats, wildlife, and people.

  • A Plea for Civility

    Leaders in The HSUS's Companion Animals department developed a civility pledge to promote polite discourse in the sheltering and rescue community.

  • Coffee Break: Staying Calm When You're About to Lose Your Cool

    In your space, you told us about the times you've come close to losing your cool with a frustrating member of the public, but managed to save a difficult situation by staying calm and polite.

  • What’s the Diagnosis?

    New evaluation program aims to help shelters improve staff retention and morale.

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Policies & Programs

  • Shelter Diagnostic System

    This is an assessment tool designed to help private and public animal shelters run better by surveying employees and making specific recommendations based on survey results.


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