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It is important to foster the innate kindness of each child by reaching youth in or outside of a classroom setting. Get ideas and how-tos from humane education programs across the nation here.

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  • A Novel Approach

    Kids and cats bond over bookes in shelter reading program.

  • Learning the ROPs

    At Burbank Animal Shelter, kids learn to care, clean and prepare for a possible animal career.

  • The Kids Are All Right

    Founded in 2006, Rescue U is a unique program that sends college students from around the country to do repairs and construction work at shelters that have requested help.

  • Investing in Humane Education

    Humane educators spread messages about the importance of kindness to animals and the connection between all living things—messages that can increase your organization’s visibility while sowing the seeds for a more humane world.

  • The "101" Department: Let That Be a Lesson to You

    To succeed as a humane educator, you’ve got to know your audience as well as the school system’s requirements.

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Policies & Programs

  • Humane Education Programs

    Whether you have an established youth education program or are looking to start one from the ground up, the Humane Society of the United States, can help.


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