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Record-keeping is one of the most often overlooked aspects of animal sheltering, but also one of the most important. Learn why the numbers truly do matter, and how you can start being accountable literally, over night.

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  • American Humane Assocation Operational Guide - Record Keeping

    Accurate and efficient record keeping is crucial to all animal shelters. This manual lays the groundwork for successful record keeping and makes it easier to keep accurate and efficient records.

  • Asilomar Accords

    A job worth doing is worth doing together. That's the basic idea of a groundbreaking new document designed to impact communities and animals around the country. The Asilomar Accords symbolizes the end of suspicion and distrust between animal care and control organizations and sets forth a new agenda -- one of collaboration.

  • Computer Hardware and Software on Marketplace

    Check out our listing of computer hardware and software just for shelters on Marketplace, the online store of Animal Sheltering!

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