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The HSUS offers a wide range of programs to support the work we all do with volunteers in our organizations. From professional development opportunities, discussion groups and scholarship opportunities to a library of materials from groups around the country you can use as a reference, we've got what you need to develop a program that meets your organizational needs. You'll also find a series of articles that examines all angles of volunteer management, including step by step instructions and advice to help you build the program you need.


Featured Topics

  • Professional Development

    The HSUS offers a variety tools to increase understanding of key principles in volunteer management, and ways to connect individual coordinators with the larger community of volunteers managers willing to share their secrets to success.

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  • Resource Library

    A well-run volunteer program is essential to the success of animal protection organizations around the country. We've put together a list of the key elements you'll need to develop for your program.

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  • From the Magazine

    Volunteer Management is a topic frequently featured in Animal Sheltering. We've gathered all of these articles in one location for your benefit.

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