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How to Pill a Cat

Before you follow the steps below, remember these tips:

(1) If you’re not in control, cats will sense this and do their best to make the entire process as difficult as they can. ("Calm, cool, and collected" is the motto to live by here.)

(2) Cats aren’t too fond of having their mouths pried open and pills dropped down them.They’ll try their best to back away from you and flee. So a key part of the process is making sure cats are properly restrained.

(3) Some cats learn to associate getting a pill with salivating (a "Pavlov’s dog" reaction). To prevent messy drooling, you’ll have to learn how to pill the cat quickly and efficiently.

Now the adventure begins. The steps below are guidelines only. Feel free to modify them according to the cat’s, and your own, comfort level.

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