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Dwelling on the Positive

AnimalKind offers persuasive posters with heart

Looking for a way to “sell” your messages in a manner that will inspire action, not tears? Let these posters do the work for you. Created by AnimalKind, a nonprofit organization founded by advertising and marketing professionals, the posters employ a tried-and-true method of salesmanship: teach rather than preach.

The cleverly crafted messages walk a fine line, tapping into people’s vulnerabilities without imparting the sense of hopelessness ingrained in many spay/neuter and adoption appeals of yore. By making the political personal, the two spay/neuter posters help pet owners see how surgery will benefit them: “3285 MORE CAT NAPS,” says one. “Spayed or neutered pets live an average of 2-3 years longer than pets that are not. Don’t wait. Do it now.”

Messages on the two adoption posters appeal to the viewer’s social conscience without relying on the use of accusatory-sounding language or harsh imagery: “50,000 kittens and puppies will be born in the U.S. today,” the posters say. “Only one in nine will find a home. Open yours.”

AnimalKind is offering the posters for $8 (to cover shipping/handling) for a set of four. Each set contains two 15" X 21" spay/neuter posters and two 16" X 21" adoption posters with a mix of cat and dog images. Orders for higher quantities are welcome; costs will be determined based on shipping prices. Versions for veterinary practices are also available.

To view the posters, visit To order, send an e-mail that includes complete shipping information (name, street address, and phone number) to


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