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Training Film Helps Police Fight Animal Abuse

Law enforcement officers who need to learn more about investigating cruelty cases will find a new training video a valuable tool. “Animal Abuse: Why Cops Can, and Need to Stop It,” produced by In the Line of Duty, provides police with important information on how to recognize and crack down on animal cruelty—and tells them why they should.

The video features footage and photographs of animal cruelty and injured animals, taken by police and by the abusers themselves. Supplementing this graphic material are interviews with representatives from law enforcement, the courts, the ASPCA, and The HSUS, providing background, advice, and anecdotes.

Recognizing that many in the law enforcement community consider cruelty to animals less significant than violence toward humans, the makers of “Animal Abuse” attempt to persuade police to take the problem seriously. The video consistently underscores the connection between cruelty to animals and violence against humans, at one point using a quote from The HSUS’s Randall Lockwood to highlight the association between animal abuse and serial killers. The video also points out that animal cruelty is a felony in most states and that officers are responsible for enforcing laws designed to protect other species; the narrator suggests that police departments set up animal abuse control units to help them in that mission.

Straightforward, useful tips conclude this training video. Police are advised on the importance of documenting and preserving evidence, using effective interviewing techniques for juveniles and adults, and getting statements from witnesses.

Videos (or CD-ROMs) are available for $95 from or by calling 800-462-5232.


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