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Going Barking Mad?

Kennel noise is a stressor for animals and staff, but it can be reduced through good acoustic design

You live with it, your staff and adopters live with it, the cats live with it, and even the critters causing most of the ruckus suffer from its effects: the noise from the dog kennels. It’s one of the things that can make the shelter environment off-putting for both people and pets, and it can be a vicious cycle: The more stressed out dogs are, the more they’re inclined to discuss it, and the more they discuss, the noisier and more stressful the kennel becomes.

There are ways to reduce kennel noise, and the best time to plan for a little more peace and quiet is before the barkers even arrive. If your organization is making plans to build a new facility or retrofit an old one, planning for good acoustics should be a major part of the architect’s design process.

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