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Q & A: Masters of Disaster

"Free-Food-and-Beer Days"?  Sounds good. "Winning-Lotto-Tickets-for-Everyone Days"? Sounds even better. But "Disaster Days"?  That might not seem like a tempting way to spend your free time, but the Michigan Humane Society managed to attract almost 80 staff members to four successful events last spring that readied them--and their pets--for disasters.

Disaster Days offered plenty of opportunities to prepare and learn.  Staff received disaster planning guides and copies of their pets' vet records in waterproof bags.  If they brought their pets with them, the animals were microchipped, registered, and photographed--in about 15 minutes.  The photos were used to create laminated wallet I.D. cards.  Staff could take advantage of free and at-cost supplies to build evacuation kits for their pets, and both staff and volunteers attended a one-hour training session.

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