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Now Showing: Egregious Acts of Cruelty

Dogfighting DVDs are turning up at retail outlets around the country

The Michael Vick debacle turned the tide of public sentiment squarely against illegal dogfighting, but the brutal abuse continues. DVDs bearing titles like Raw Dogs, Unleashed: The Realest Pitbull Action Caught on Tape, and Pitbull Fightsare popping up at gas stations, convenience stores, and flea markets around the country—evidence that the crime is an ongoing problem.

The DVDs typically show a montage of dogfighting matches in which bloodied, wounded pit bulls fight for their lives within walled-off pits. The filmmakers exploit the animals’ plight to create what are essentially canine snuff films. Unable to escape, egged on by their human handlers, the dogs are filmed locked in battle as their lives slowly drain from them.

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