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Teach the Children Well

In the age of hyper-standardized testing and mandated curricula, you can get your foot in the schoolhouse door by showing teachers and administrators how your goals coincide with theirs

Ever tell a teacher you want to talk with her students about the importance of pet identification and get a blank stare in response? If educators were as invested in helping animals as you are, they’d be teaching TNR and S/N along with the ABCs. But don’t let an initial lack of interest in humane education discourage you. By learning the needs of the modern classroom, you can still make the grade with school officials who don’t necessarily view animal welfare issues as essential subject matter.

It will be well worth the effort. By working with schools, you can reach most of the children in your area, cultivating future responsible pet owners and supporters. Here’s a how-to on creating A+ partnerships with local educators.

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