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A Puppy for Christmas?

Many shelters have reconsidered their bans, combining holiday promotions with sound policies to find pets responsible homes for the new year

Suspending adoptions during certain holidays was once a common approach at animal shelters. No black cat adopted around Halloween because they might be abused in satanic rituals. No puppies during the chaotic winter holidays because they could end up as neglected as last year’s Tickle Me Elmo—already, it was felt, too many pet stores promoted “Christmas puppies.”

But many experienced shelter folks now equate the fears behind those policies with urban myths: Everyone has heard the stories, but they always seem to have happened at someone else’s shelter. Enhanced record-keeping and research show that holiday adoptions are no more likely to result in surrenders than adoptions made at other times of the year. And in fact, at least one study has indicated that animals given as gifts are more, not less, likely to stay in homes.

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