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A More Perfect Union

Matchmakers help rabiits find that special somebunny

Chasing, hair pulling, and rump-sniffing aren’t typical activities at a singles event, but tonight, they’re de rigueur. This get-together is for rabbits, and this is the language of bunny love.

The most eligible bachelor is a young albino rabbit named Jake, who will have a first date with his future honey buns—three rabbits who have lived together happily for several months. Their owners want to add Jake to the mix and have left the trio at the Columbia, Md., home of Susan Wong for the introductions. As director of the Washington, D.C., rescue group Friends of Rabbits, Wong is an experienced matchmaker.

Like humans, domestic rabbits thrive in the company of their own kind. A singleton bunny may love her owner unconditionally, but her life will be much more fulfilling with a friend to groom, snuggle, and play with. Rabbits can form such strong bonds with one another that when one dies, the survivor visibly grieves.

Not just any friend will do. Rabbits are as picky as humans, and the wrong combination can lead to an unhappy marriage. Only the rabbits know for sure the magic ingredients to a successful relationship, but to their credit, they don’t care about looks or age.

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