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Chipping Away at an Old Problem

Study suggests that microchipping and database registration should happen concurrently

When it comes to progress on the effective use of identification microchips in pets, the U.S. hasn’t been a global leader. But we can take steps to use this technology more successfully, suggest the authors of a recent study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA).

Seeking to find out more about the microchipped animals coming into shelters and the process shelter staff use to try to locate their owners, researchers collected data on 7,704 microchipped animals who entered 53 animal shelters. Slightly more than half were stray; the remainder were owner-relinquished.

Microchipped strays represented only a small percentage of the overall number of strays admitted across the shelters surveyed. Unsurprisingly, the median percentage of microchipped stray dogs (3.9 percent) was substantially higher than that of microchipped stray cats (0.4 percent).

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