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Coffee Break: Gadget Most Wanted to Help Animals

What gadget, real or imagined, would you most like to have? How would it help you help animals? That was the question we asked you for this issue’s Coffee Break. Many of you wrote of magic wands to neuter animals or make pet owners more responsible—but there were other creative thingamajig ideas, too!

I would like a Teflon cat litter box. I am around a lot of cats. I have four cats from the shelter that I volunteer at, which only houses cats and kittens. I work at a veterinarian’s office, where I clean and care for cats and kittens. I pet-sit numerous cats in many of my clients’ homes. I’ve tried every cat litter product I can find, cheap and expensive, looking for a litter that could be scooped easily. I’ve used many different scoopers that didn’t make the job much easier. I’ve also bought various cat litter boxes of various sizes and shapes. Then one day I thought, “What about a Teflon litter box?” Then everything could scoop easily and not stick. I’ve spoken to several people about this idea, and they didn’t think I was crazy!

Caroline Delgado-Schneider, Grateful Paw Cat Shelter, East Northport, Long Island, New York

Easy for me to answer—I’ve always wanted to see the day when microchips had a GPS component involved so we could track a lost animal. I think we might see this become a reality one day. Why not? We can track stolen cars this way.

Leilani Vierra, CEO, Placer SPCA, Roseville, California

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