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Family Values for a Different Kind of Family

The Wildlife Aid Brigade works to keep wild babies and their kin together and safe

Where might you find a shoebox, a sock, chemical hand warmer, a juice carton, a bungee cord, a set of binoculars, and a net all in one place?

Check the kit of wildlife rehabilitator Sue Lunson Farinato. She carries these tools in her car at all times.

She’s not planning to bungee jump into a damaged squirrel nest or present a deer with a new pair of killer pumps. The bungee cord and the juice carton can be used to create a makeshift home for an animal whose nest has been destroyed. The shoebox can hold a small injured animal for transport, and the sock and chemical hand-warmer will keep him warm during the trip. Every item in her tool kit is there for a purpose: Helping her save the lives of wild creatures who’ve run into one misfortune or another.

Farinato, who spends her days as a program assistant in The Humane Society of the United States’ Pets at Risk program, doesn’t stop thinking about animals in her off hours.

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