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Off Leash: Days of Wine and Rabbits

Rescue group uses private-label vintage and the amorous image of rabbits to raise funds—and promote awareness of spay/neuter

Lots of wines have funny animal names: Arrogant Frog Ribet Red, Wild Horse Pinot Noir, the Little Penguin Shiraz.

Now you can add one to that list: Humpington Ridge Roll in the Hay Chardonnay.

The rabbit-themed vintage is the brainchild of Marcy Schaaf, founder and executive director of SaveABunny, a rescue group based in Mill Valley, Calif. And while the name’s sure to draw a chuckle, this humorous vintage is raising money for a very good cause.

The Humpington Ridge label is a clever way to spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering rabbits. It also fits in with the rescue group’s efforts to position house rabbits as great companions for adults, not just for children.

You could say that this unusual vintage was the result of Schaaf thinking outside the (wine) box.

“I was wondering, what could we do that’s naughty, because I like to break the rules, and I wanted to tie it in with rabbits. ‘Roll in the Hay Chardonnay’ just came out,” she says. As to the rest of the label, she says, “We were batting around names, and what do rabbits do? They hump.”

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