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January-February 2011
Table of Contents

Animal Sheltering Magazine Jan/Feb 2011 Cover Image


A License to Succeed

Calgary's mandatory licensing program for dogs and cats not only produces nearly enough revenue to cover the cost of providing animal services to a city of 1.1 million people, but also enjoys widespread buy-in from the public.


Letter Box

Coffee Break


The "101" Department: Can You Hear Me Now?

Are howls and woofs the inevitable soundtrack at a shelter? Not necessarily. You can turn down the volume through a variety of methods, from innovative design or retrofitting to clicker training and enrichment programs.

Q & A: Gold Standards—and Bare Minimums

Nearly a decade in the making, the animal care guidelines developed for the sheltering field by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians will be released this spring.

Shelter Medicine: The Kindest Cut of All

Veterinary columnist Brenda Griffin addresses common questions and concerns about pediatric spay/neuter, as well as the immeasurable value it has in curtailing pet overpopulation.

Volunteer Management: Avoiding the Bait and Switch

Whether they work in a truly volunteer-positive environment or one that's still struggling to make the employee/volunteer gears mesh effectively, it's vital that volunteer coordinators be honest with prospective volunteers about what to expect.

Off Leash: I Feel Kitty, Oh So Kitty

An innovative tool allows people with a Web connection to play with shelter cats, without going anywhere near the colony room.

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