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Q & A: Gold Standards—and Bare Minimums

Shelter veterinarians promote a road map to ensuring the “five freedoms” in animal shelters

  • Michelle Riley/The HSUS

The idea of developing uniform standards of care for animal shelters has been discussed in many circles for years. In 2008, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) undertook this as a serious project, with the goal of creating a document that would help all shelters work at an improved level for the health and welfare of all the creatures in their care.

Three years and thousands of work-hours later, the group has released its guidelines.

In this e-mail interview, members of the task force that developed the guidelines—including doctors Kate Hurley, Brenda Griffin, Miranda Spindel, Mary Blinn, Sandra Newbury, and Jeanette O’Quin—address Animal Sheltering’s questions about the process, the standards, and their reasons for taking on the project.

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