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Show Me the Money: Pigging Out

Social events for the small and fuzzy—and their fans—bring in the money

For guinea pig aficionados, the morning of a big “pignic” is much like opening day for baseball fans: Even the nonreligious pray for sunshine. But while good weather helps make a pignic a success, the crucial ingredients are high spirits—and guinea pigs.

Pignics are fundraising, educational, and social events for the guinea pig set. In the Washington, D.C., area, Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue (MGPR) has been hosting its PIGstravaganza for five years, but it’s only one of about a dozen pignics held around the country. I’ve been attending for three years, first as a member of MGPR and now as its fundraising coordinator. The event is typically held in a park or backyard, where guinea pig lovers bring their pets and adoptable animals, set them up in pens, and watch the grass go—yes, go, right down the gullets of their hungry darlings.

The day of the 2010 PIGstravaganza in Reisterstown, Md., started off ominous, cold, and with lurking clouds. Still, optimistic attendees packed up their piggies and pens, and headed off to the park—and their high hopes paid off.

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