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Kids Rock!

How the young and the restless can bring their energy to your shelter

We know: You’re tired. You’re overwhelmed. There’s just too much to do. The dogs are barking. The cats are hungry. The kennels need cleaning. The shelter’s Facebook page needs updating. Don’t you wish you had the same energy you had when you were a kid? Don’t you wish they bottled that vigor and sold it at CVS?

  • In 2010, college student Catherine Scheuch developed a fundraiser for the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Pennsylvania; the silicone bracelets she sold raised around $1,700 for the animals. Keystone College

Well, we can’t sell you a bottle of Kid Pep. But you can obtain some of that youthful enthusiasm in a very simple way: By recruiting young people—kids, teens, college students—to help your organization and its animals.

Young volunteers can be a dream come true for shelter and rescue folks strapped for time (can you show us any who aren’t?). Brimming with energy and compassion, kids will readily embrace a project that’s been languishing on your back burner, relieve a busy staffer who needs help with a routine job, or even develop fundraising ideas all on their own.

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