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Turbocharging Pit Bull Adoptions

Many shelters today struggle to adopt out the sometimes-overwhelming number of pit bulls and pit-bull-type dogs who come through their doors. Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) has designed a program to help these dogs find homes. Implementing just one small piece of this program—marketing the dogs through community events—can take your pit bull placements a long way.

“If you’re trying to sell the idea of adopting out a pit bull, you need to bring the dogs to where the people are,” says Stacey Coleman, executive director of AFF.

Coleman recommends combing local newspapers and event calendars to get the skinny on what’s hot. Festivals, sporting events, and even farmers markets can be great places for your dogs to get noticed. Some people don’t know much about pit bulls—they may never have met one!—so integrating them into normal activities can be a great backdrop for that first meeting.

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