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Parvovirus Fact Sheet

What is parvovirus? Canine parvovirus, or “parvo” as it is commonly known, is a virus that usually attacks the canine intestinal tract (canine parvovirus enteritis) and, in rare cases, the heart (myocarditis). First identified in the late 1970s, the virus is one of the most resistant known; it is able to withstand heat, cold, and most common disinfectants.

How is it transmitted? Parvo is transmitted through the feces and vomit of infected dogs and puppies. The virus can live in feces for about two weeks and can exist in the environment (such as on floors or cages) for many months. Because it is so difficult to kill, the virus is easily transmitted by “fomites” such as the hands, clothing, or shoes of anyone who comes in contact with it.

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