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Tufts Animal Care and Condition (TACC) Scales for Assessing Body Condition, Weather and Environmental Safety, and Physical Care in Dogs

  • Weather Safety Scale. The Tufts Animal Care and Condition (TACC) scales were designed by Gary Patronek,VM

The Tufts Animal Care and Condition (TACC) scales were designed by Gary Patronek, VMD, to help animal control officers, cruelty investigators, veterinarians, and others more accurately determine the condition of a potentially neglected dog. First printed in the manual, Recognizing and Reporting Animal Abuse: A Veterinarian’s Guide, published by the American Humane Association (AHA), the TACC scales were field-tested by officers with the Massachussets SPCA and are now used by Fort Wayne (Indiana) Animal Care and Control and other agencies.

With these guidelines in hand, an officer can objectively assess an animal’s physical condition and determine the degree of neglect or level of care being provided by the owner. After the officer has evaluated the dog’s health, he may simply offer the owner some care guidelines and discuss the potential health risks posed to the animal. But in more extreme cases, the officer might seize an animal, record the TACC score in his report, and submit the evaluation as evidence in a court case.

 Read more information and view the full scales.


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