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CD Accustoms Pets to Lullabies and Baby Cries

For couples expecting their first baby, some essentials of preparation are no-brainers, like making regular doctor visits or buying baby clothes. But families shouldn’t forget to include their dog or cat in the pre-birth planning—and a new CD called Preparing Fido can help.

Produced by Shawn Hrncir and Lisa Ruggles—both mothers to fourlegged children and one a mother of a “real” baby—Preparing Fido contains a full 45 minutes of recorded infant sounds, from “Crying Baby” to “Cooing Baby” to a 13-minute “variety track” appropriately titled “Keeping You Up Baby.” The creators encourage parents-to-be to play the CD regularly for an “only child” pet, acclimating him to the sometimes cute but often exasperating sounds of the strange newcomer who is likely to upstage him as the reigning “baby.”

In addition to tips on how to best use the CD with a dog or cat, the CD booklet includes four pages of valuable advice from The HSUS called “Introducing Your Pet & New Baby.”

Preparing Fido is now available at For information on bulk discounts available to shelters, send an e-mail to


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