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To the Rescue: Back from the Brink

A severely neglected mare makes an amazing recovery

A severely neglected mare makes an amazing recovery

Simone, a buckskin mare, now has a permanent home at Horses of Tir Na Nog, a 12-acre equine sanctuary in San Diego County. Left to right: Shannon Coates; Amy Pat Rigney; Simone; and Paige Mehlhaff. LOREN BUNNELL/COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL SERVICES
The first time John Carlson saw her, he was ready to put her down.

The dark-buckskin mare was emaciated—all her ribs visible, her hip points jutting out, her eyes sunken. She was lethargic, held her head low and her ears back. She looked like an animal who was resigned to die.

“We called in a large-animal vet to examine her, and one of the telling comments that the vet made was that her condition was ‘not compatible with life,’” says Carlson, deputy director of the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services. “I was getting ready to call the dead-animal-removal folks.”

That was the low point.

A little more than a year later, that horse has both a new name—Simone—and a loving home where she’ll never go hungry again. She’s touched many hearts with her will to survive and her gentleness.

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