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Wild Things: Skunks

James Coleman/
As familiar scents of summer go, the pungent aroma of skunk spray wafting through the languid air is right up there with freshly mowed grass, rain on hot pavement, and suntan lotion.

OK, OK—perhaps eau de skunk is a tad more cloying, but certainly no less memorable. After all, how many of us animal care types have firsthand experience with a wayward dog (or two, or three …) who’s had the misfortune to be doused by the business end of a skunk? A fair few, no doubt.

’Tis the season for skunk encounters, but if you know a thing or two about skunky behavior (and have our surefire recipe for odor removal), you can help wary callers and their pets live in harmony with these generally placid and retiring creatures.

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