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A Lost Pet is Not a Lost Cause

Website aims for happy reunions

Searching to find a lost pet can be an agonizing and often fruitless experience. But The Center for Lost Pets ( hopes to fundamentally improve the way people look for their missing companion animals and increase the number of happy reunions.

Created by Liz Blackman—founder of Help4Pets Inc., a company founded in 1996 to help shelters by promoting adoption, raising funds, and providing pet identification solutions—the website serves as one central location where people who have lost or found pets can connect.

Her website also acts as a portal with links to nine other sites where users can click to search for their missing animals. The Center for Lost Pets gives owners an all-inclusive place to turn for help—kind of a “one-stop shopping” approach, according to Betsy McFarland, senior director of the Companion Animals section of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

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