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All Roads Lead to Home

In Mississippi, a transport program administered by veterinary students is saving lives

  • Are we there yet? Four pups who made the first trip north with the Homeward Bound program survey their new terrain. Donald Caulfield

It was loud on the drive, and by the time our little caravan reached New York, it smelled bad, too—pungent, stale-vomit bad. The puppies were carsick, and most of them had relieved themselves in their crates, even though we’d stopped every few hours to walk them and scrub down their cages as best we could. We had put a few crates in the front seat of Megan’s Blazer, and inside it, an adorable Lab pup named Buttercup had recently had a bowel movement, and every time Megan would glance over at the dog, she would wag her tail and splatter a little poop on the dashboard and onto Megan. It was very gross.

With all the stops for potty breaks, a trip that usually takes 17 hours took us about 28. We were tired, so wearily tired. But by the time we crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River, we only had 30 miles left to go after a long, 1,200-mile drive from Starkville, Miss., and 26 puppies were counting on us to ignore the smell, the yipping, and our own exhaustion.

The things we do for love!

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