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Coffee Break: Most Heartwarming Experience

What’s the most heartwarming experience you’ve ever had in the animal welfare field? That was the question we asked you for this issue’s Coffee Break—and as we expected, you had a ton. Thanks for sharing your stories! We hope they’ll brighten up everyone’s day.

My most heartwarming animal welfare experience was the effort to help an angelic pit bull, Isis. As pits often do, Isis arrived as a stray. We soon realized she was a gem. Her amber eyes, warm personality, and freckled ears made her unique, but what really stood out was the heart shape on her nose. Something else stood out during her spay surgery: Both hips had dysplasia. Her breed profile would be a death sentence in many places, but her hips would count as strikes two and three—if it weren’t for people’s generosity. We accepted donations for a sponsorship to provide treatment and within days raised $1,500 to help her. Though I fell in love with her, she was adopted after her procedure by a family who recently adopted another special-needs pit bull mix. I couldn’t have wished for a better beginning to her new life!

Tristan Schmid, director of communications and marketing, Humane Society of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

We got an 8-year-old Lab from a puppy mill. She had just had a litter four months prior to us getting her. She had such hip problems she could hardly walk. We were being very picky on who could adopt Libby. We received a call from a lady interested in Libby from Canada. She drove all the way down (about 10 hours) and the minute she saw her, she started to cry. She cried all through the adoption process. Libby has her forever bed.

Janet Baker, volunteer/foster coordinator, Grant County Animal Outreach, Moses Lake, Washington

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