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People Power: When Life Hands You Stuffing…

California woman creates pet beds and “scratchers” for shelters

If you regularly came home to find piles of fabric and stuffing on your front doorstep, you’d probably get a little annoyed.

But for Joan Laisney, the piles represent comfort and joy—not for her, but for the hundreds of shelter animals the materials will end up with, once she and her team are done with them.

Laisney likes to sew and had adopted one cat, but she wasn’t terribly familiar with animal shelters. Yet in October 2007, something possessed her to visit the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services’ shelter in her home of Carlsbad, Calif.—and volunteer to repair the animal beds.

She stitched up a few, then realized it would be easier to make new ones.

After that, Laisney, a retiree who worked a variety of jobs, including one as an airline attendant, says things “just sort of evolved.”

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