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Is a Nonprofit/Government Merger Good for Your Community?

Humane organizations contracting for all or part of local government animal services is not a new concept, but one that has resulted in many successful collaborations over the years. However, the current economic slump has further hurt government budgets, and in some cases severely reduced city or county animal services. As the effects of these financial cuts “trickle down” into our communities, they can impact the animals we serve in many ways, including live release rates, field service operations, and adoptions.

Keeping in mind that our ultimate goal is to save lives, the effects of budget cuts can also provide new opportunities to work more effectively. Municipalities, in larger numbers, are looking at nonprofit animal welfare, care, and control organizations to provide some form of support, ranging from housing animals to a comprehensive contract for all animal services. The beauty of the nonprofit model is that it has fewer constraints: It enables you to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, take advantage of a motivated volunteer base, try a multitude of approaches to an issue, and make changes in a heartbeat.

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